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DiCesare says he'll book acts for Star Lake
By Andrew Sheehan
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
March 10, 1990 City/Area p. 6

Rock promoter Patrick DiCesare has abandoned plans to build an amphitheatre in Butler County and has joined his competition instead. DiCesare confirmed yesterday that he and PACE Entertainment Group of Houston would co-promote the Star Lake Amphitheater, which PACE is building and which is scheduled to open in June in Washington County.

DiCesare said the construction of Star Lake had forced him to abandon plans to build his own amphitheater in Jackson Township, but said he would keep his option on a 200-acre site there and would construct housing.
"I'm convinced that the Pittsburgh area is not big enough to support two amphitheaters," he said.
DiCesare and his partner Rich Engler have long been the major booking agency for popular music in the city at the Civic Arena, the Syria Mosque and more recently the tent at Station Square.
With those venues likely to suffer this summer with competition from Star Lake, DiCesare Said he would concentrate most of his booking efforts on the amphitheater.  

"We will be shifting our shows from the less desirable venues to the amphitheater," he said.
Tom Rooney, Star Lake's executive director, confirmed that DiCesare would "assist in the booking" of the amphitheater with PACE which, he said, would "book every major artist that tours in the summer." 

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